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[TowerTalk] C-3SS and 40m Add-On?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] C-3SS and 40m Add-On?
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Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2002 09:48:11 -0600
N4KG answers inserted in text below.

On Fri, 11 Jan 2002  Eric Rosenberg <> writes:
> I've been toying with the idea of replacing my F12 C3-SS with a C-4 
> or  similar antenna.

        BAD  IDEA.  
> Recently, I've seen a 40m add-on element for a C3 offered for sale, 
> and  after making some inquiries, found out from F12 that instead of 
> mounting  it to the C3-SS, I could likely use this element as a
> dipole  over my C3-SS.

        GOOD  IDEA.    
> The questions:
> - is this a decent solution?  Saves me $$ over having to sell the 
> C3-SS  and buy a C-4S or so.
        YES.  The CC D40 is another good option.

        Double wall the first piece of tubing for additional
        stiffness / increased wind survival.  Personally,
        I prefer the CC coil loaded element over a short 
        linear loaded element.  I've had NO problems
        with my CC 2L40.   N4KG

> - how high would this element have to go above the C3-SS. The one 
> answer I received so far was "a few feet above the boom of  the C3SS > 
> and parallel to the boom."  What's the definition of "a few feet 
        GOOD  ANSWER.  Few = 3 or more.  
        The boom on a C3SS is 12 ft.  Way shorter
        than 1/2 WL on 40M so it won't bother the 40M dipole.
        At right angles, the 40M dipole won't bother the beam.

        Alternatively, you could place the 40M element
        above and parallel to the Yagi elements.  10 to 14 ft
        spacing usually works well.     N4KG

> - how far from this combo would an 80m wire have to be?

        As far as possible.  You may or may not have 
        interaction effects.  As long as the SWR is not
        overly affected, the higher band antennas will
        still radiate effectively.  You may suffer some
        F/B or F/S reduction.    N4KG

        For our FD stations, we insert a 20 ft  1-1/4 inch mast
        inside the 1.5 or 2 inch od masts for our 20 and 15M
        Quads, placing an 80M inverted vee at 70 ft and the
        Quads at 50 ft.  Seems to work quite well.  N4KG
> Thanks in advance,
> Eric W3DQ
> Washington, DC

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