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Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2002 17:34:20 +0000
Tom and Talkians:

You are absolutely correct. As long as you keep the 
stress within the allowables, aluminum is fine and the 
strength to weight ratio is better than steel.

Where the problems may occur, and it is again a function 
of the design requirements of the system, is the 
deflection of the aluminum mast versus a steel mast.

Since the modulus of elasticity for steel is 
approximately 2.5 times as great as aluminum's. For a 
given load with comparable section dimensions an 
aluminum mast section will deflect 2.5 times more than 
the steel mast section of same seciton dimensions.

For short mast cantilevers most likely not a problem. 
However for large cantiliver distances maybe a big 

Stress in a section is based on geometric section 
properties and load. Deflection is based on stress and 
elastic modulus. Be careful with long cantilever 
distances say over 10 feet with large antennas.

Hank Lonberg. PE/SE  KR7X

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