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[TowerTalk] Engineering/Permit Help; Tower in remote location

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Engineering/Permit Help; Tower in remote location
From: (Dana Roode)
Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2002 08:50:50 -0800
TowerTalk folk --

I'm looking to put up a tower in San Bernardino County, Ca and I'm
interested in input as to what sort of permit/engineering help I should

I live in Orange County, Ca on a small lot with 35' height restrictions.  A
few years back, my brothers and I purchased a house on 2.5 acres in a San
Bernardino, County desert area.  My brother lives in the house, I get a room
for a remote station and the "back yard".  I've had lots of fun with masts,
a 40m 4 square, 80m verticals, etc., but eventually I want to put up a

I have spoken with the County building permit folks, and with a few other
hams that have gone through the permit process.  Even though I'm in the
desert, San Bernardino County has lots of urban areas and the county folk
appear to be sticklers for detail.  To get a permit I need an accurate and
properly drawn lot plan, engineering diagrams of the tower, etc.  I don't
think my Visio lot plan will cut the mustard.  Engineering diagrams must be
done by an engineer licensed in California.  I am an hour and half away from
the remote location, so trips up to deal with the County, contractors, tower
delivery, etc., might be an issue at times.  I understand the County will
want to visit before I start, visit after the hole is dug, visit after the
base is poured, and visit again when the tower goes up.  I was told they
asked one guy to hire a professional bolt-tightener (?) to certify the base
bolts were according to specs.

What sort of help should I seek, and where might I find it?  There is the
ARRL volunteer engineer program - is that list a good source of folks who
can help me with lot plans etc.?  (I once contacted an engineer on the list,
he said he could not help me).  Would it be better to find a "general
contractor" of some sort in the area who can do lot plans and work the
permit process for me?  Anyone have any references of engineer or contractor
types in the San Bernardino County area?  I have come across some folks who
can help with tower construction, but they don't do the permit stuff.

I'm thinking of acquiring a US Tower crankup - my understanding is that I
can get engineering diagrams from them.  Since they are located in
California, they should be acceptable to the County.  But, I haven't seen
them yet.  I have modest goals of a tribander at 60'.

Thanks for any input...

  Dana Roode

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