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[TowerTalk] KENROTOR Model KR-402RC

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Subject: [TowerTalk] KENROTOR Model KR-402RC
From: (Murray)
Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2002 13:55:05 -0800
I have no information on KenPro KR-402RC, but from my 1992 Japanese 
catalog, here is scoop for KR-400RC:

Classification: VHF/UHF "beginner" rotator
Rotation range: 360 degree
Rotation torque: 400 kgfcm (= 29 ft-lbs)
Braking torque: 2000 kgfcm (= 145 ft-lbs)
Maximum vertical load: 200 kg (=440 lbs)
Controller input voltage: 100 VAC
Motor voltage: 24 VDC
360 degree rotation time: 60 seconds
Maximum mast diameter: 63 mm (= 2.5 inches)
Control cable: 6 wires
Weight: 4.5 kg (=10 lbs)
1992 Japanese price: Yen25,800 (at current exchange=US$195)

If you can scan and email the spec page(s), I can verify if the specs of 
the KR-402RC are different.


>Anybody know what this rotor is capable of?
>Have a manual, but it is in Japanese.
>73, Al

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