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Subject: [TowerTalk] EME questions
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Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2002 10:12:42 EST
Now have the VHF/UHF disease, working satellites with M2 eggbeaters and one 
F2 contact on 6M into GM with a 3 ele Cushcraft Yagi, thinking of moving onto 
the Moon-  Can anyone please give suggestions on which band they see this as 
being the most affordable to reach the Moon?  I believe 2 meters is the way 
to invest, but most EME stations I know of have at least 2-3 bands on their 
arrays.........Any suggestions regarding a good EME set up, rotors, preamps, 
ANTENNAS,  etc.....or reference to any understandable writings on the 
subject, appreciated.  (Alreadyhave the rig, FT847) Please email to  I know that this might not be the best forum to ask 
these questions, so if anyone can direct me to a reflector regarding this 
subject, I'd really appreciate that too-  Can this be done with an array set 
up for under $1,500 +_??????

73  Paul  N0AH

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