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[TowerTalk] Dissimilar Metals?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Dissimilar Metals?
From: (Signal Hill Ranch)
Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2002 11:39:22 -0700
You want to talk cheap??  Take your old SS hose clamps that you
have stripped out and throw them in a box until you need some
stainless scraps.  Tin snips will cut some pieces from the old
ones and you won't have to buy anything and you saved
filling up the land fill with old, dead hose clamps--or at least parts
of them.           ;-)

John  W0UN

>On 1/11/02 10:23 AM, at wrote:
> >That's why Polyphaser makes a hose clamp with a little pad of SS for
> >clamping a copper ground wire to a galvanized zinc round tower leg using 
> the
> >SS pad in-between the two dissimilar metals.
>Me? I'm a cheapstake. I got three 1" squares of scrap .016 stainless, and
>some ordinary stainless hose clamps. I slip the square of stainless under
>the copper ground wire and tighten away.
>A lot cheaper than the polyphaser product.

John W. Brosnahan

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