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Topband: SV: [TowerTalk] Copperweld radials--note

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Subject: Topband: SV: [TowerTalk] Copperweld radials--note
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Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2002 08:50:33 -0700
At 05:43 PM 1/19/2002 -0800, you wrote:

> > What to do to minimize corrosion over time when applying coppermaterial
> > radials ? Plastic insulated wire ?
> >
> > I guess stainless steel wire is THE answer to a maintenance free system. >
>John W. Brosnahan
> >
> >
>What effect would the rf resistance of stainless steel wire radials have?

Your question makes it look like I suggested using stainless
steel wire--but it was not me.  It was Henrik, OZ1ING, who made
the suggestion.   I would not recommend it for a number of reasons--
not to mention the expense.   Even though there are higher losses in
SS wire it would still be MUCH better than no radials.  It also is
hard to work with and requires an acid flux for soldering.  With many
radials the losses in individual radials become less and less
important--hence the appropriate use of small diameter wire in
large radial systems.  If the system is a normal on- or in-the-ground
radial system then copper wire or insulated copper wire is still
the best choice.   For larger wire such as #14, #12, #10, it is
hard to beat the availability and cost of household TW wiring.
For elevated radials and ground planes, that require stronger and
less stretchy material, then the copperweld works well.  It is
also very good for long Beverages.  It can reduce the number
of support poles if you have strong end poles for adding some
fairly high tensions.

Aluminum electric fence wire is also a good option for some uses.
But it tends to deteriorate rapidly in some types of soil.

--John   W0UN

BTW  The details of antennas are probably more appropriate for
towertalk than topband so I will not post any more cross-posts
to both reflectors.   Just wanted to clear up the mis-impression
that appeared on both reflectors that I had suggested using SS wire.

John W. Brosnahan

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