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[TowerTalk] Loss in Alpha Delta Switches ?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Loss in Alpha Delta Switches ?
From: (Jim Reid)
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2002 08:54:22 -1000
Interesting to learn of the true loss in our connectors.
Now,  what about our AD switches.  I have several:
Delta 2's and 4's.  I had occasion to open one following
a switch failure.

Was "shocked" to see that the contact was made when
 the EDGE of a thin strip of metal was pressed down
against the flat surface of another strip.  It was at such
a contact I had experienced an arc or burning do to
high swr,  I  guess.  Anyway,  the switch became NG.

I can see why the "warranty" is void if you open the switch;
no assurance at all that things will all fit back together
properly when you "home assemble" it back together.

Ever since,  I have avoided the use of Alpha Deltas after
my linear,  but still use for rig switching ahead,  etc. 

Was my experience unique;  are these  OK for use at power?
I would like to use one to switch my 259B in/out to check the
tuner settings after the linear occasionally.

73,  Jim  KH7M

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