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[TowerTalk] Foundation too close to Tower??

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Foundation too close to Tower??
From: (Barry Baker)
Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2002 06:36:34 -0600
Tower is a US Tower Model TMM-433HD.
Base requirement is 4'x4'x5'deep.
Building inspector at city hall says base must be 5' from the home's
foundation. He based this statement on the fact I am going 5' deep with the
hole.Would like to be much closer. The idea being that I could stand on the
roof for antenna service. Although the tower collapses to 11' in it's
retracted position, no big deal to stand on a extension ladder. Having never
been involved with tower work, what do you guys think? I could try to argue
a case for closer placement of the tower.

Maybe I want this little short tower as far away as possible from the roof
line, so as to reduce any reflection from the roof? Then what about line

Why does US Towers not want me to tack my rebar cage with weld?
I own a machine shop and it would be a much "cleaner" job than tie wire.

Original intent was to contract this entire job. I am in the Ham Radio
business, not construction. Got my quote for installation, and now I am in
the construction business  (Hi Hi). Quote was $4k. Included Foundation,
erection, antenna/rotor installation, and two ground rods. I was to be
responsible for all materials. Maybe was a good price? Please advise. (Have
not  broke ground yet)


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