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Subject: [TowerTalk] Short Tower Antenna
From: (Richard Karlquist)
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2002 08:49:06 -0800
That's interesting about what Tom told you.  I
remember him giving a talk at Pacificon a few
years ago where he said 2 dB makes a huge difference
in a contest.

The other thing to consider is that if you lose 1 dB
due to antenna compromises, 1 dB due to feedline
losses, 2 dB due to not having a legal limit amp,
etc, etc,; pretty soon you have 5 or 10 dB and we
know that does make a difference.  The question isn't
whether 1 dB is noticeable; rather it should be
"is this the easiest place to pickup up an extra dB?".

Rick N6RK

> 2 element yagi. How much of a compromise ? A whopping .5 db.
> Will you notice
> the difference on the air ? I seriously doubt it. I spoke  to Tom @ force
> 12about discernable on air differences between antennas with
> respect to gain.
> They have a C3SS set up with a C-19 on their antenna range. The
> antennas are so
> close that little or no difference is perceived. There is about a 1 db
> difference between these antennas. How much gain does it take to
> notice the
> difference? How low is your noise floor? How good is the rest of

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