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Subject: [TowerTalk] Short Tower Antenna
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Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2002 12:51:39 -0600
OK, I'll go along with your first 4 dB as potential
places for loss but you didn't substantiate your 
jump to "5 to 10 dB".  The lack on an amplifier
is the only justification I can think of, assuming
the antenna is up in the air.  Then the next hole
to cover is to fill in the NULLS of high antennas.

Some guys just never see the light about how
a low tribander can stomp their big high antennas :-).

Tom  N4KG

On Mon, 28 Jan 2002  "Richard Karlquist" <> writes:
> That's interesting about what Tom told you.  I
> remember him giving a talk at Pacificon a few
> years ago where he said 2 dB makes a huge difference
> in a contest.
> The other thing to consider is that if you lose 1 dB
> due to antenna compromises, 1 dB due to feedline
> losses, 2 dB due to not having a legal limit amp,
> etc, etc,; pretty soon you have 5 or 10 dB and we
> know that does make a difference.  The question isn't
> whether 1 dB is noticeable; rather it should be
> "is this the easiest place to pickup up an extra dB?".
> Rick N6RK
> > 2 element yagi. How much of a compromise ? A whopping .5 db.
> > Will you notice
> > the difference on the air ? I seriously doubt it. I spoke  to Tom 
> @ force
> > 12about discernable on air differences between antennas with
> > respect to gain.
> > They have a C3SS set up with a C-19 on their antenna range. The
> > antennas are so
> > close that little or no difference is perceived. There is about a 
> 1 db
> > difference between these antennas. How much gain does it take to
> > notice the
> > difference? How low is your noise floor? How good is the rest of
> >
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