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[TowerTalk] Summary: Short Tower and Close Foundation

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Summary: Short Tower and Close Foundation
From: (Barry Baker)
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2002 05:50:40 -0600
Thanks to everyone for such a great response. The summary is as follows:

Tower is too short \\\\4 votes
(cheapen up the antenna and put the dollars into the tower)
(60' will work better)

40' tall tower is OK \\\\\8 votes
(go with what you got)
(not as high as you'd like, but high enough)

KT36XA antenna is too big with too many parts and/or recommend other antenna
beside HexBeam or KT36XA  \\\\8 votes

KT36XA is Superior to HexBeam or you'll be happy with KT36XA \\\\9 votes

HexBeam good small beam choice \\\\2 votes

Line Loss negligible don't get so close to the house \\\\9 votes
(one respondant even caused a basement leak from getting too close)
(what about interference from the roof)

Keep it close to the house for easier service from the roof  or no problem
being close/try a bracketed tower \\\\5 votes

Don't weld the cage \\\\2 votes
(lose its temper from the heat)
(do what the manufacturer says)

Weld OK \\\\4 votes
(with proper rebar, weld rod, and pre-heat)
(hyGain cages are welded)

4K sounds expensive for installation, do it yourself  \\\\3 votes

I am still considering which antenna. I will "break ground in just a few
hours for the tower. It will be placed 10' out from my home's foundation.
The placement allows room for a second tower of grater stature, to be
installed at a later date. I am very insecure about the HexBeam and am now
carefully considering the Force 12 antennas. I'll keep you all posted.


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