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[TowerTalk] Hex Beam....was: Summary: Short Tower and Close Foundation

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Hex Beam....was: Summary: Short Tower and Close Foundation
From: (Dan Evans)
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2002 18:27:00 -0500
I've been a ham for roughly 10 years now, and one of the things I picked up
real quick was to take antenna adds with a grain of salt.

When this thread started the Hex Beam caught my attention, and I went to the
web site and checked them out.  I'm actually still considering homebrewing
one.  I wouldn't pay the asking price for them, even if I could afford it!

As far as performance goes, someone else pointed out that these are a
compromised 2 element yagi.  The look very similar to the X beam which is
covered very well on L.B. Cebiks web page.  They may even be a "compromised"
X beam.

On the positive side, they would be very light and have a small foot print.
Which is what I found interesting.  They should also be pretty cheap to

If I could put up full sized yagis, or even a good tribander, I probably
wouldn't consider these.  But I may yet try one.


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> I was at a hamfest where the HexBeam was being exhibited.  I listened,
> several times, as the owner of the company (and I guess the inventer of
> HexBeam . . .) was talking about it to potential buyers.  When there was a
> break in the conversation, I asked about how it looks when modeled on the
> computer.  All he could tell me is that, obviously, computer modeling is
> inadequate to show the true performance of the HexBeam since it performs
> much better than predicted by computer modeling.  I walked away from that
> discussion with very little confidence in the HexBeam or its inventer . .
> Without a far better explanation than that, I would never invest my
> hard-earned money in one . . .
> Stan

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