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[TowerTalk] believing antenna manufacturers

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Subject: [TowerTalk] believing antenna manufacturers
From: (force12e)
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 15:27:28 -0500

I take great exception to the W8JI comment I've posted below:

"My point is to NEVER trust any antenna manufacturer for technical 
information. It is like going to a car dealer and asking them how to 
improve your sex appeal."

"Trying to say "spend your money with us" always leads to bad 
science, whether Hexbeam, Raibeam, or F-12."
The problem, as I see it, is even if you tell the truth and provide
performance that is verifiable and repeatable, Tom's statement gets
Force 12 lumped into the trapped antenna manufacturer's exaggerated
performance claims.  We have been for the last 12 years the company that
claims LESS gain for our products than our competitors do, yet our
market penetration, because of performance, has been nothing short of
remarkable considering the advertising content of our competitors.  We
have gained success by providing realistic performance data and a
product that delivers that performance, which is one of the reasons for
our success.

Now if Tom, W8JI, has a specific problem with our advertising claims,
our response to him in this public forum is:  What's your specific
problem with our claims or science?  We would be happy to provide
answers to any discrepancy you may find.  Our second question is why you
find our claims to be "bad science" given your degree of expertise in
these matters?

We do not subscribe to the idea anything should be told the amateur
community in order to facilitate the selling of product.  As an example,
MFJ/HyGain continues to advertise (CQ Magazine Feb.2002, page 1) their
TH3MK4, a trapped 14' boomed tribander as having 5.8 dBd. of average
forward gain.  Our C3, a trapless tribander on an 18' boom has an
average of 4.6 dBd gain.  Most of the readers of this reflector are also
aware of the theoretical as well as the practical maximum gain
attainable for this type of array given the boomlength and element
population.  Are we to believe you pick up the extra gain by using
traps?   Since you have a relationship with MFJ, I suggest you or
someone from MFJ explain this phenomenon in exacting detail to all
readers of this reflector as I believe this is a good example of the
"bad science" you spoke of.  Perhaps your statement about bad science
has marginal veracity if you substitute MFJ/HyGain for Force 12!

Just what is the bad science Force 12 uses Tom?


Natan W6XR
Force 12 East
Ithaca, NY

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