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[TowerTalk] RE: Dielectric losses and antenna claims

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Subject: [TowerTalk] RE: Dielectric losses and antenna claims
From: (Tod - Idaho)
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2002 06:16:21 -0700
At the expense of having to 'null' out remarks that deal with bruised
feelings, the reflector readers have received a number of interesting and
informative thoughts regarding losses in coax and antenna claims.

It is too bad that this often occurs at the expense of some 'psychic' damage
to one or more of the contributors, but I guess that is the price of helping
folks. I have almost recovered from the scars of being mayor of a small town
in Minnesota at the time a major US highway that passed through town was
being upgraded. Where to locate the upgraded highway had been a matter of
discussion for 45 years before it was resolved during my terms in office. In
the heat of discussion I found it is often possible for folks to say things
they don't really mean and/or make 'incomplete' statements that mislead or
confuse even though that was not the actual intention of the person making
the statement. A mellow, forgiving spirit goes a long way toward getting the
real information on the table without shooting the various messengers who
are presenting the information.

I do hope that all those who spoke up on the coax loss and the non-related,
but often included remarks on antenna claims versus actual performance won't
cease to contribute their thoughts. Even the disagreements between people
serve to alert the readers that whatever being discussed may not be a 'no
brainer' topic and offers us a chance to check things out before we commit
time and money.


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