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[TowerTalk] 10m-20m Antennas Above 150ft

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Subject: [TowerTalk] 10m-20m Antennas Above 150ft
From: (Greg Gobleman)
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2002 07:16:04 -0600

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From: "Dick Pechie - KB1H" <>
> I believe the very high antennas of KC1XX and W3LPL can
> open a band early but after the initial opening these two guys are in the
> pack with the rest of us.  Operating skill can overtake allot of
> very easily.
There are times when the only antenna to have is big and tall.  I was
sitting here playing around in a ARRL DX test a couple years ago.  Sun came
up and I was hearing a few EU on 20m but not near as many or as loud as the
previous day.  I was going work a bunch on 10 & 15, or so I thought.  I have
the Telrex TB6EM at 62 or so feet pointed at EU and not a peep on either
band.  I can hear guys in AZ and NM working them, as well as east coast and
southern US.  I can't hear any EU.  I come across Jerry, WB9Z and he's a CQ
machine.  I heard him work a couple of guys in Europe, but even he is mostly
working South America.  His rate is way off but I can only hear half of what
he is working and none of the Europeans.  He was using a C31XR at I think
double my height or better and maybe some other antennas too.  I checked one
of the forecast sites and it showed a huge polar absorption area had slid
down over the central US and killed the bands for us.  Jerry is not that far
from me, and there simply wasn't many spots coming out of 9/0 land for EU
that day.  Only guys with height were working Europeans from here.  Not very
scientific, but I had a lot of time to observe.

Maybe the guys with height are in the pack with us at the peak of a band
opening, but time and again I hear them carrying on conversations thru the
lids that I could never do, even with my Henry 8877.  I suspect that part of
that reason is that they have multiple antennas and are using the one that
they think is best at the time.  I have experienced moments of true pleasure
when I was antenna challenged and my Gap Titan vertical one called thru the
big guns.  But that was rare.  I also would not characterize KC1XX and W3LPL
as mediocre operators.

Greg K9ZM

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