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[TowerTalk] Super high antennas on 10 to 20

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Super high antennas on 10 to 20
From: (Logan Dietz)
Date: Fri, 01 Feb 2002 17:17:13 -0600
    I kept track one year in the 10 meter contest of which antenna I worked
stations on.  This was in a period of very disturbed conditions and moderate
solar flux.  I had 7 elements on a 42 foot boom at 130 feet and a six
element quad on a 30 foot boom at 70 feet.  I was right on the salt water
southeast of Houston, Texas.
    The high antenna was all noise for most of the contest and only
accounted for six percent of the contacts.

    One great thing about a high 10 meter yagi is the unusual openings you
get.  They may not account for the bulk of your QSOs, but can account for
rare DX and long path that makes the contesting game interesting.  At this
time I have a 7 element 10 meter beam on a 48 foot boom at 150 feet.  I have
a long run of plain coax to is so, with the loss, it is usually hears about
the same as the six element at 70 feet.  However, when conditions are right,
it excells on long path to Europe and Asia from about 10:30 to midnight
local time.  In CQWW SSB, I could hear 9K9Z pounding through for this whole
period.  (However, he could not hear me and that was the only zone I

    With only the lower, 70 foot antenna before the high one was up, I
always felt loud because I could work anyone I could hear very quickly.
With the higher antenna I can hear guys such as 9K9Z and call them until I'm
blue in the face and not work them.  (On long path they are usually beaming
away from you and have the usual daytime QRM.)  A few of the deep Russians
have good ears so I work enough guys to make it worthwhile, but it is still
a humbling experience!

Chuck, W5PR
(ex: KZ5MM, KE5FI)

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