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[TowerTalk] Antenna Heights and EZNEC

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Antenna Heights and EZNEC
From: (Greg Gobleman)
Date: Sun, 3 Feb 2002 09:15:32 -0600
As a person who has not used an antenna modeling program since the Commodore
64 I find this debate interesting.  I know that there exists people who find
computer modeling absolutly fasinating.  That's good.  But real world
antenna ranges and comparisons establish a baseline by which all other data
and comparsions can be judged.  They have value.  They validate the computer
modling programs.  Programs, like ranges have limitations in their ability
to model certains forms.  Because I don't do modeling doesn't mean that I am
not aware of some of the limitations of these programs.  Why so many
different programs if we were not trying to improve upon the model.  But
somewhere we have to have an established baseline.  That is where ranges and
their limitations come in.

I know that there is a published data sheet on a comparsion of several
popular antennas.  The fellows did the best they could to compare within the
limitations that they had.  Because it was not a perfect test doesn't
invalidate it.

Telrex had a range or use of a range for quite some time.  Has anyone
examined all that data in detail?  Is the data still available to be
studied?  They did build some great antennas.  Could they be improved with
computer modeling?  But of course they could be improved, depending upon the
desired criteria.

Just as an antenna range has limitations, so does computer modeling, the
important thing is to recognize those limitations and work with them.

Greg K9ZM

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