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[TowerTalk] Questions about tower installation

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Questions about tower installation
From: (Markhasin, Vitaly)
Date: Sun, 3 Feb 2002 09:34:22 -0700
Hello TTs,
I plan to put-up a 150' used tower this summer. It is a steel 10' sections
triangular guyed tower (not sure about the manufacturer).
Legs are bolted using steel angular plates that go over the tower legs. The
parts of the legs to be joint are rusted (not to the point
 that it would have an effect on the tower strength).
Now couple of questions:
- do I HAVE TO remove the rust from these areas or if I will run a heavy
copper wire and join all sections and ground it,
it is OK not to remove the rust? I would use wire wheel and the drill to
remove it (sandblasting is too expensive) if it is
absolutely necessary.
- the sections are painted (red/white) but the paint peels off in some
places. What paint to use and source (cheaper one
- I've heard that the colors of sections must start with red at the bottom
and finish with red on the top. Is this true?

Any recommendations are very welcome!!! I've never had such tower before...
Thank you.
73! Vitaly (VE6JO)

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