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[TowerTalk] Yagi Performance ( Was: Clarification Re:Painting a Roof Tow

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Yagi Performance ( Was: Clarification Re:Painting a Roof Tower and Antenna?
From: (Joe Reisert)
Date: Tue, 05 Feb 2002 08:46:02 -0500

You didn't mention the great performing 5-band HyGain TH-11 from which I 
think the CC X7 was derived (but with 2 less bands!).

I do agree that obtaining the extra 2 dB over a 2 element Yagi takes much 
more boom length but it also gives much better F/B and bandwidth, 
properties we here in W1 Land savor quite a bit more than you Southerners!

>In other words, one needs to go to a MUCH larger antenna system
>to realize any significant improvement in gain over a full size 2L Yagi
>(or a 'multi-monobander set of 2L Yagi's), AND the full size 2L
>Yagi's have better bandwidth than most trapped Yagi's, especially
>the short boom single DE versions.
>The only advantage of larger trapped tribanders would seem
>to be in greater F/B ratio which may or may not be useful,
>depending on one's application (I prefer low F/B for contesting
>from south central USA) and one's local noise environment.
>No wonder the familiar Trapped Tribander designs are falling from
>favor.  There still is one useful place for trapped elements and that
>is in directors to break up undesired effects of longer elements.

And don't forget the great performance of the 5-band HyGain TH-11. If you 
look carefully, you'll see that the CC X7 is sort of a copy but with 2 less 

>The CC X7 is an example of an alternative modern design utilizing
>a Log Cell DE, full size reflectors and a single trapped Director.

Joe, W1JR

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