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Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2002 13:22:18 -0600
On Wed, 6 Feb 2002 Nathaniel Gates <> writes:
> Hello Everyone,
> Just wondered if anyone had any experience with this
> tower/company.  I am very near to placing an order for
> a 50' tower and would like to stay away from guy
> wires.
> Nathan

I have a 40 ft HEIGHTS  Aluminum tower that I moved from
my fathers QTH.  It has supported a 2L Quad with no guys
and then a TH7 (with guys) at my QTH.

I've always been concerned that there is NO horizontal brace 
at the top of each section, especially the tapered section.

Two legs pulled apart (and had to be welded back together)
when I separated the sections using a car jack.  NOALOX
or Aluminum Penetrox may have prevented that.

After I reassembled the tower, all the leg joints were taped
to prevent water ingress since the legs are tapered at the
BOTTOM, allowing water to flow into the joints (DUMB ! ).

Tom  N4KG
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