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[TowerTalk] Universal Freestanding Tower

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Universal Freestanding Tower
From: (Bill Steffey)
Date: Wed, 06 Feb 2002 14:58:28 -0600
Five months ago I took down a 40 foot heights tower. It had been up since 
the 60s. Larry went SK qrt.  We lowered the kt34 and the 2 meter beams, 
then we just tilted it over !!!   The Big Aluminum ADVANTAGE!
While taking out the bolts, they twisted apart. We discovered they were 
rotten in the middle, disintegrated !   I mention this again after just 
seeing a similar post.
So when I got home I checked the bolts in my 50 ft Universal Tower......
Rotten in the middle also. After 20 years or so, the bolts had rotted just 
like Larry's had.       Hidden within the tubular section, the rain and crud 
did it.
I write this to remind YOU. Check your old hardware.

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