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[TowerTalk] Shunt Feed Capacitor for Tower

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Shunt Feed Capacitor for Tower
From: (Howard Klein)
Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2002 16:52:06
What effect does grounding the elements have on the performance of
>the beam?

>MOST = All Cushcraft and HyGain tribanders and monobanders
>except for the Log Cell DE's in the X7, X9, TH11,  all Mosley
>beams except for the insulated DE's and LP antennas.

But of course I was thinking of the exceptions. I use an X-9 on a 70 ft 
tower which I shunt feed. I rarely have arcing problems unless  something 
goes out of whack. This occasionally happens when we get some winds that 
blows my shunt wire around or  gets my feed lines swinging in the breeze. 
Fortunately my Acom shunts down quickly and does send the arc fault msg. I 
use a Gamma match but find I need better than a 5K vacuum var. I measure the 
capacitive value in the order of 300pfs.

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