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Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2002 12:21:05 EST
Nathan et al:
I have had two Heights Towers, one for over 30 years. I just took the old one 
down and replaced it with a new one.  The old design, which is similar to 
Universal, used relatively thin wall tubing, fewer bolts, and swaged 
All bad design from a structural & longevity point of view. It suffered the 
same problems others have mentioned.
The new unit is MUCH beefier, and is backed up by a PE analysis in accordance 
with the Uniform Building Code (UBC).  The entire structure is  designed with 
the safety factors and stress limits specified by the Alumimum Association. 
The bolts are hardened stainless steel. My unit has a fold-over base (motor 
operated) that allows it to be layed over horizontally for antenna work. I 
expect it to out last me. 
You can check them out at The ratings of the tower 
sections are provided there. 
Bob, W5LT

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