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[TowerTalk] Beverage Winding - suggestion

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Beverage Winding - suggestion
From: (Chris BONDE)
Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2002 11:25:40 -0800
These may have been jocular comments but please heed the advice.

A job that I worked in as a 'mature student' included pulling gondola cars 
with a cable wound by an air driven winch.  The operator futunately was 
experience, and, I from another earlier job.  However, the third person was 
not.  If the operator had not been cautious and not been looking for cable 
kinks, the third person, who had his foot in the middle of the kink-loop 
would have lost his foot.

A job as a green-horn (earlier in life than the preceeding mentioned job) I 
was helping with chokering logs, the forman came over and gave me what 
for.  I didnot understand.  But was later told that a friend of his was 
less carefull.  Choked a log, signaled the operator of the donkey engine 
who ran the cable tight as fast as possible, raised the cable about 12ft in 
the air, then pulled in the log.  Unfortunately the foreman's  friend had a 
foot on each side of the cable...........

So beware, very beware, more accidents are caused at home that at the job!!

Chris opr VE7HCB

At 11:38 AM 2002-02-07 -0500, Bill Coleman wrote:

>On 2/6/02 6:15 PM, Chris BONDE at wrote:
> >You mean you wound it up with the wire coming over the top and it hit your
> >nose?   :+)}
>I've been hit in the face before, but that's not the incident I recall so
> >I almost did the same thing with a winder-upper, but it hit myknee
>Count yourself lucky.

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