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[TowerTalk] Mutliband Ant. for 160/80/40

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Mutliband Ant. for 160/80/40
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Date: Sat, 9 Feb 2002 0:03:15 +0100
Dear friends !

For our Clubstation (OE5XWM) we consider buying a shortened multiband dipole. 
It is from Alpha Delta, Model DX-LB and uses "Low-Q-Iso-Res"-Coils (whatever 
this is) and has an overall length of 100 ft (30,5 mtrs).

So far we have been using a FD4-Windom from an European Manufacturer (Fritzel) 
for 40 and 80. This antenna is only 22 ft. above ground, neverthless we have 
been able to work also some DX on 80 and 40. The Alpha Delta DX-LB would give 
us also the possibility to work some easy European multipliers on 160, which we 
are missing now.

Some questions to the group:

1.) Has somebody any experience with this Alpha Delta DX-LB?

2.) Any suggestions for another solution to cover 40, 80 and(!) 160 with one 
single antenna (our main operation is DX-Contesting). Overall length could be 
up to 40 meters (130 ft.). We are now limited with antenna height to only abt. 
20 ft. and there is no way to use radials or another ground system.

3.) Our antenna is now 22 ft. above ground between two simple supports. Could 
we expect an improvement, if we use the Alpha Delta DX-LB (or any similar 
antenna) in an inverted-Vee configuration with the apex on one single support 
with an height of abt. 40. ft. and the ends sloping down to just a bit above 

Thank you very much for your advice.

73s from Austria

Juergen - OE5CWL

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