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Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 13:36:55 EST

K3MM wrote:
>BTW, I used to use a Peltz mountain climbing belt and >they are very 
>comfortable to wear, but I dont >recommend them as they really aren't 
>designed for tower climbing.  They dont have any metal >rings, and they are 
>just belts, not full harnesses.

Ty meant "Petzl" I think. Petzl is a well established provider of recreation 
and professional work harnesses. 

Rather than use a rock climbing harness, consider the Petzl belts designed for 
positioning and fall arrest work. A Google search for Petzl will get you all 
sorts of links with pictures, vendors et al.

The Petzl Navaho Vario C79 (discussed previously in TowerTalk) is a positioning 
harness which is very similar to the rock climbing harness in comfort. Unlike 
the recreation use belts, the Vario is designed as a work positioning belt with 
proper lanyard attachment points and is much more sturdy. Cost is approximately 
$150. This is the belt I currently use.

The Petzl Navaho V2 BOD, and Navaho Complet, offer the same basic positioning 
belt features as the Navaho Vario, but with addition of a full fall arrest 
harness (webbing up over the shoulders, D-ring in the back for fall arrest 
lanyard attachment). These run about $250. 

FWIW, I find my Petzl belt to be superior in comfort to the typical linemans 
belt or ONV type belts that most amateurs seem to end up with. Given that tower 
work always takes 2 to 3 times longer than one predicts, comfort is important 
to me.

Most any rock climbing or mountain harware shop that carries the Petzl 
recreation gear will likely be willing to order a work/positioning harness for 
you. There are also internet based suppliers.

To state the obvious, whatever you choose, get good equipment designed for 
work, and inspect the belt and your other climbing equipment prior to each use.


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