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Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002 10:48:56 EST
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> Question - I've always used a lanyard made from some heavy dynamic
>  kermantle climbing rope. Would you think that would suffice or
>  would you suggest getting one of the commercial "progressive"
>  shock absorbing lanyards?

    You mean fall arrest lanyard (as opposed to a positioning lanyard)? Any 
suitable (and legal) lanyard is fine - your chances of actually having to 
take advantage of it is really small. But having the shock absorbing feature 
may give you more peace of mind since you'll be taking less forces and 

    If you're asking the question - you must be thinking about the pros and 
cons. I'd go with whatever you feel comfortable with. It's sorta like a fall 
arrest harness - once you've used one you won't go back to a waist-only 
safety belt.

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