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Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 10:01:20 EST
Am not an insurance expert, but here are some of my experiences.
When a tower blew over the insurance company replaced it under our homeowners 
policy. The second case was when we had a freak heavy wet snow storm in June 
(here in MT) that brought down one of my 90 foot aluminum 160m verticals, and 
they paid for repairs and parts for that.  After that our rates went up due 
to some combination of that claim, and because the insurance rating for our 
area went up.
Our repeater association has equipment insurance with the ARRL insurance 
program and they have been good at paying for mountain top and in-town 
control equipment losses.  It may take a fair amount of paperwork and 
correspondence to document that, but that seems reasonable.  Lastly we have 
some personal property coverage via the military Armed Forces Insurance 
group.  They paid fully for lightning damage to my TS850 - which was mostly 
shipping, labor, insurance on the TS850 and I think $8 for parts.  
So from four incidents and four insurance agencies good experiences.
Only some paperwork involved, and no special prior arrangements needed.
73 Bob W7LR in Montana 

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