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Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 10:09:18 EST
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> while we are on the subject of insurance anyone used the ARRL insurance,
>  thoughts?  As I understand it they are very forgiving - if you drop your
>  rotator from 135 feet they will pay for it, if your amp falls off the desk
>  onto the floor they will pay for it, etc...
>  anyone have a track record on this...been thinking about buying a little
>  piece of mind.

    Couldn't hurt. I've only been involved with their new tower/antenna 
insurance once for damage to the W6GO/N6IG big gun station and they paid the 
estimate that we submitted. Their process is a little different but the money 
does pop out eventually. 

    You have to submit a "cost" for everything and then that's what they 
cover. So if you just take the hardware cost and submit it to them, you have 
THAT limit on what you can claim. Since most installations are installed by 
'antenna/tower parties' for little or no cost, you may not be able to include 
professional repair labor for future claims. Does anyone have more info on 
this coverage?

    Also, my experience with tower/antenna insurance claims is that they are 
either covered as an auxiliary structure OR personal property. In either case 
IT IS covered. You want to discuss the specifics with your insurance agent 
and if you need an additional damage rider, it'd probably be worth it but 
generally you've already got the tower/antenna coverage you need.  

    Something to keep in mind is that claims adjusters (like most building 
department employees) have never dealt with a tower before so YOU'RE the 
person that needs to help them through the process. That's why a quote from a 
professional tower company is required; 1) it satisfies their written quote 
requirement (and makes their job easier) and 2) demonstrates that 
professionals are going to do the work. 

Steve    K7LXC
Tower Tech 

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