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[TowerTalk] Antennas / Insurance UPDATE

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Antennas / Insurance UPDATE
From: (Major Ron)
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 19:04:58 -0000
Many thanks to all who replied. I thought I should let everyone know what
has happened.

Turns out that the insurance WILL cover everything. A number of calls and a
visit to my agent and several calls to the insurance company brought the

They WILL pay for the antennas, removal, and re-installation. In addition,
they will pay for a professional tower installer to inspect the tower for
any associated damage. If any is found, the tower must be replaced, which
will also be covered.

It turns out that one of the adjusters is a familiar with ham radio, and she
will be the one coming to look at everything. I don't know if she is a ham,
or someone in her family. She has made an appointment to meet me tomorrow.
My crane operator will also be here to meet with her.

Everything suddenly looks a lot better. In addition, I have found a bunch of
shingles that were lifted on the roof, so we'll go over that as well.

Again, thanks to everyone on the list


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