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[TowerTalk] 6 meters and WARC

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Subject: [TowerTalk] 6 meters and WARC
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Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 15:03:51 EST
I recently installed a 6-meter yagi with a 12' boom... 6-1/2 feet above a 
5-element 10-meter yagi with a 24' boom.  The 10-meter yagi continued to work 
great but the performance of the 6-meter yagi was terrible.  While the SWR of 
the 6-meter antenna was about the same... the gain, side rejection, and 
front-to-back were way down from normal.  After one weekend I took the 
6-meter yagi down.  The 6-meter yagi works well when located by it's 

73, Dick- K9OM

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<< Bruce, I have done the same here with NO problems. I have a Mosley PRO-57
 and about 4 years ago I wanted to put my 5 element 6 Meter M2 over it. I
 very carefully ran a SWR curve on the PRO-57 then put the 6 Meter Beam about
 6 feet above it.
 I then ran the SWR curve on the PRO-57 again and absolutely NO change.
 All works good here. Good luck on your project.
 7s, Gary, K4MQG

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