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[TowerTalk] Universial Freestanding Tower

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Universial Freestanding Tower
From: Bill Otten" < (Bill Otten)
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2002 20:24:55 -0500
That mount is similar to the one that came with my 55' crank up/tilt-over
(which is galvanized steel). Mine was a bit bigger though...the base pipe
was a full 10" and nearly 18' with larger fins. The mount was called a sand
mount. I didn't trust the mount not to move. I had the bottom 8 feet cut off
(the part with the fins) and a 3/4" steel plate welded to the remaining 10'
section with bolt holes. The finned part went into the water table (bottom
at about 12 feet) and the remainder stuck up into the 5' x 5' x 5' hole for
the concrete. The rebar cage for the concrete was tied to that finned post
and then the J-bolts for the tower base plate attached to all that. 8750 lbs
of concrete later I had a tower base I think I can trust. And even though
the tower was "self-supporting"....I went with two sets of guys and a torque
bracket at the tower top.

Moral to the story: even with a relatively lighter aluminum tower I would
not feel very comfortable with that finned mount. Hey, when we get a big
blow here in Florida...I still worry even with the precautions I've taken.

Bill (KC9CS)

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> The mount is 6"steel pipe with two sets of fins, one set at the bottom(4
> steel fins 6" total of 12" set at 90 degrees) and the other set about a
> from the surface. There isn't any ground water here in North Carolina with
> the red clay. Let me tell you it doesn't move. This is direct from the
> mfg.they do not recommend concrete. The hole was back fill just as Utility
> poles are- a little dirt pack- a little dirt pack.
> Larry WA2SRY

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