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[TowerTalk] HF6V - any help for 80

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Subject: [TowerTalk] HF6V - any help for 80
From: (Eddy Avila)
Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2002 19:29:44 +0000
I have the Butternut hf2v, never owned the hf6v, so can only speak to the 
hf2v which is an 80/40 meter based loaded vertical ground mounted and using 
just 12 radials buried below the surface my hf2v consistently works much 
better than my horizontal dipole at 25' above ground for dx across the US, 
Alaska, the East Coast of Canada and into South America on 80 meters -- 
works even better on 40. I have no doubt a full-sized dipole oriented in the 
direction of interest and at least 70-80' would work even better but at the 
moment the vertical is it! should be getting better results from your vertical. What kind of 
base resistance are you seeing? Without the base-matching coil installed my 
readings started out at about 4 ohms at 3.5mhz which meant most of my power 
was going to heat the earth. With the base-matching coil I was able to get 
it to 36 ohms and 50-ohm impedance.

Good luck.......73 /k6sdw

>From: Kelly Taylor <>
>I have an HF6V, which I realize, despite all Butternut's protestations to
>the contrary, is really just a base-loaded vertical on 80. It's
>It SUCKS on 80! And I have a not bad ground system under it. I know that
>improving the ground system will help somewhat, but I'm afraid the
>difference won't be enough. It will elevate it from being a ABSOLUTELY 
>80 meter antenna to being merely a NOT QUITE ABSOLUTELY AWFUL 80 meter
>antenna. Either way, it's still awful. (Sorry for all these technical
>(How bad is it? Let's just say that I have trouble being heard by W0AIH.)
>Has anyone compared a ground-mounted HF6V to one that is elevated with
>elevated radials?
>Or does anyone have any other ideas, short of discounting the HF6V as an
>80-meter antenna altogether and buying a W1XT?

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