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Subject: [TowerTalk] HF6V - any help for 80
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Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2002 08:45:29 EST
Kelly es Randy,
I had my HF6V at 10 feet with elevated radials as Randy described (4 twin 
lead+ 1 for 80m). (I'm using Aluminum instead of Copper for 80 meters though.)
Added another 80 meter (66 foot) radial and the bandwidth improved.
Added 2 more with the same effect.
I then added two 33 foot radials at the 33 foot mark on two of the four 80m 
radials and spread them out like a fan.
The improvement was quite noticeable, both in bandwidth and received signal 
I'm trying to figure a way to reorganize the radial system to add fanned ends 
to the other two 80 meter radials. The way it's laid out now I can't.

I cut an 80 meter radial at 33 feet and used a small Stainless Steel nut at 
the splice for mechanical strength and to keep the fan ends from wandering 
down the wire.

If I had the space I'd try 8 elevated radials for 80, although I don't know 
if it would make much difference. There is surely a point of diminishing 
returns. Maybe someone on the list knows where that point lies for elevated 

73 - Don K4BEV

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