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[TowerTalk] URL for picture >6 Meter K1WA sloper array-! (semi-long)

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Subject: [TowerTalk] URL for picture >6 Meter K1WA sloper array-! (semi-long)
From: (Mike & Coreen Smith)
Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2002 14:57:27 -0400
Due to the numerous requests for a picture and a repost of my description,
the URL below will show the picture
I managed to upload today and the text below is my original post to the
reflector about a month ago.
Many thanks to all.

Michael, Coreen & Corey Smith
(VE9AA,  VE9AAA & Little-VE9 to be)
271 Smith Rd
Waterville, NB
E2V 3V6

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From: "Mike & Coreen Smith" <>
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Sent: Wednesday, January 23, 2002 6:39 PM
Subject: Prelim report->6 Meter K1WA sloper array-! (semi-long)

> Just put the finishing touches on my modified K1WA 50MHz sloper array.
> The is my *VERY preliminary* description and performance report.
> Mods to the 'HANDBOOK' model include:
> -Band is 6M not 40M.
> -4 slopers instead of 5 (so far anyway)
> -Using RCS-4 antenna switch (no control cable to fool with) instead of HB
> relay box.
> -The 4 dipoles are oriented around a 10' peice of 3/4" PVC mast (instead
> a tower) and instead of sloping down at a constant angle, I have a
> horizontal "X" 1/2-way up the PVC mast made of small 3/8" PVC tubing from
> garden center. I  attached each dipole end using fishing line to the
> top/bottom  of the main PVC mast, and attached the homebrew center
> to the very outer tips of the center X.
> From a sideways view the slopers are a sideways V-shape, not a slanted
> running @ 60' or whatever.
> The tips of each sloper are about 8" away from the ends of the 3/4"
> PVC and about the same from each other.
> The center of each sloper is about 5' from one another. Sideways view is
> kinda like this:
> <+>
> The whole mess roughly looks like a 3D diamond shape (does that make
> sense?).
> I stuck the bottom of the array on a 8' piece of pipe in a hurry (0degrees
> and raining here-BRRR), connected
> 50' of RG8 and tossed the coax in the window. No time to fish wires in the
> dark.
> The SWR is higher than I would have thought. With a single sloper on the
> "cage" I built, the SWR was nearly flat
> from 49.5MHz-50.5 MHz, but now it's 2.1:1 or higher. Must be too much
> interaction--I'll play with that a bit.
> I used 3/8WL coax feeders of RG8X per handbook.
> I have the thing oriented so I cover NE/NW/SE/SW. Only judging from my 6M
> bcn, VE9MS/B on 50.0655MHz
> 25 miles away and the local Baby monitors, TV coloburst Xtals on 50.113
> the like, I have "guessed" the gain is roughly 3-6dB and the F/B is
> somewhere around 20dB (or maybe better).
> Like I said, prelim report---interesting nontheless. Sure will save on
> wear and tear during 6m openings.
> I had thought of putting a length of vertical wire alongside the center
> PVC support as an added "center"
> reflector. This way each "driven" element would see a trigonal reflector
> in one straight line (+ the FAR reflector
> way behind) instead of the odd shaped reflector pattern it sees now. Will
> interesting to see what, if anything
> this does to SWR,PATTERN & possibly GAIN.  In the 40m array in the
> no mention is made of this, but then again, the 40m version is mounted
> around a metal tower, whereas the only metal mine sees is the RCS-4 relay
> box, just
> below the center -X
> Any ideas?
> Once I get some good WX, I am going the hoist the whole affair into the
> using pulleys and rope between 2 of my towers to about the 35' level ,
> should be adequate as a (mostly) RX antenna on 6m.
> 7 3 de Mike VE9AA dit dit
> Michael, Coreen & Corey Smith
> (VE9AA,  VE9AAA & Little-VE9 to be)
> 271 Smith Rd
> Waterville, NB
> E2V 3V6
> Canada

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