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Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 19:46:45 +0000
ANSI approved hard hats (or bump caps if the previous is 
too bulky) are available from any safety supply outfit.  
Grainger, Lab Safety, Airgas, Ill. Safety Supply, Fisher 
Scientific (Safety) just do a search for safety.  Here 
in the industrial world, a hard hat is required as basic 
equipment.  Chin straps are also available from all the 
manufacturers.  (You'd want something that was ANSI 
Z89.1 approved to be "legal".)  Personally I've worn my 
hard hat and then again sometimes I have not.  It guess 
it has been dependent on what I was doing on the tower.  
Any type of overhead work, installation, removal, etc. 
then I'd wear it, but if I'm only going up to just 
tighten the rotator bolts, then I'd probably not wear 
it. (Don't tell the safety director.)  Also, in all 
cases of any climbing, I force all ground crew to wear 
one.  Period.  73  Phil  KB9CRY
> On Tue, 12 Feb 2002 10:01:14 -0500 Pete Smith <>
> writes:
>       SNIP
> > Presumably the type of lanyard discussed  is of  the one-use type, 
> > which stretch/tears and doesn't rebound (much).  I  would think a 
> > greater worry would be banging your head against the tower, 
> > and that risk might actually be increased if the lanyard was too 
> > elastic.
> > 
> > 73, Pete N4ZR
> OK, we've covered Belts, Boots, and Glooves, but I don't recall
> ever seeing any discussion of  HEAD  GEAR  for tower work.
> Anyone know where to find Hard Hats with Chin Straps?
> Anyone use any type of HELMET (football, motorcycle, bicycle, etc)?
> Tom  N4KG
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