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Subject: [Towertalk] Prop-Pitch
From: (dan hearn)
Date: Sun, 02 Jun 2002 07:46:42 -0700
Hi Greg: You are correct, they are mounted to a plate with a  hole in it
large enough to let the output shaft pass thru it. The unit shown in the
ebay add is missing a large bevel gear which mounts to the splined
output shaft. Most people weld a bushing to the bevel gear for attaching
the tubular mast and the bevel gear takes the vertical load. It is
possible to use the splined shaft for output by machining a mating
  You do need a direction indicator. If the bevel gear is on the unit,
some people make a large gear out of sheet metal the same diameter which
will mesh with it to rotate a potentiometer or selsyn. Some of the PP
mod articles have dimensions so you can make it with a drill and a file.
I have used sprocket and chain drive as well as a small dial cable and
pulley arrangement to turn a potentiometer. 
  It is essential that the top of the unit and the indicator you use be
protected from weather. I have seen PP motors in flea markets which were
not protected and the bevel gear and the ball bearings beneath it are
  M2 sells a modified version of their OR 2800 control and indicator box
for PP motors. You attach a small magnetic pickup to the motor shaft
which generates pulses as you rotate and the unit supplies power for the
motor.. The price is around $500 I believe.

73, Dan, N5AR 

Greg Gobleman wrote:
> I was looking at the photos of this prop pitch, not having seen one mounted
> I was trying to figure out how they are installed.  I assume the flat plate
> area is bolted to a stationary plate.  Is a notched piece made to adapt to
> the mast pipe?  I also have read of needing to rig a directional indicator
> of some kind.  Any info on that?  May I assume that the control box and
> indicator will probably cost as much as the rotor?
> 73
> Greg K9ZM
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