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[Towertalk] Tribander identification

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Subject: [Towertalk] Tribander identification
From: (NØTA - Russ Kaelberer)
Date: Sun, 2 Jun 2002 15:27:45 -0600
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Subject: [Towertalk] Tribander identification

It's a 3 element tribander on a 14 foot boom. The traps are
encapsulated in some type of blue, ribbed plastic material. It has a
split driven element. Each half of the DE is mounted to the boom via a
blue plastic insulator. There is no matching assembly associated with
the DE, just the two sides of the coax to the DE. I seem to recall that
Hygain used a similar mounting assembly on their old 402BA from the
60s/70s era.

Sounds similar to the blue (with a tint of green) "ribbed" traps from a
Hygain vertical 14-AV(S)(T)(?) on my first antenna as a Novice. (Bought used
in ~1970) You might try Boat Anchor Manual Archive at .
I also vaguely remember re-installing a used 402B(?) with a TH6 at WØUA
around that time, that had the bluish-green traps. And If I'm not mistaken,
the material was called "Cycolac"(sp) and Hygain/Telex used a black colored
version of it later in the 70s/80s.

73 and Good luck.

Russ, NØTA

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