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[Towertalk] 9913(Hosepipe), weatherproofing and connectors.

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Subject: [Towertalk] 9913(Hosepipe), weatherproofing and connectors.
From: (Lee Noonan)
Date: Wed, 5 Jun 2002 06:53:32 +1000
Well....Tom..... After a few weeks of reading the Pros & Cons of "N"
connectors (mainly Cons) and coming to the conclusion to Use UHF connectors
instead of the "N" connectors.....  and Now You give Me a GOOD reason NOT to
Use UHF (Universal High Frequency) PL-259 plugs...... I just had a look at
My 'collection' of "n" Plugs, and the silver plated ones have a thicker pin
which could be drilled out..... (NOT by Me) .. and the Cadmium plated
(normal shiny) ones have pins with not enough metal to drill out... (these
were purchased from a VK Antenna Manufacturer)    You Guys have it so good
over there  .... I just replaced My Antennas, Rotator,Antenna Switches and
now cable & plugs after a Lightning strike , and Most of the replacements
had to come 800kms  & the remainder 300kms....  I don't think 'n' connectors
are commonly used here in VK .... probably because of their cost $10-50
against PL259  @  $2-50 ..... & if You have problems soldering a PL259...
imagine the problems You would have with "n" connectors....  A few years ago
a local Ham  sent his 2m mobile radio away to have an 'n' connector
installed on it.... that was the first time I had heard of them... I have
used them since on RG-213 cables for VHF Antennas...     You would think
that these "cable guys" & Antenna Makers would be able to supply the correct
pins......  but then again Most VKs use RG-213 cable even on VHF & UHF....
It looks like I bought the 2nd last CREATE rotator in VK and the last two
REVEX 'n' connector Antenna Switches in VK......  So it doesn't look
good.....   Anyway.... thanks for YOUR input TOM..
It was Much Appreciated ....


PS..  I'm going to forget about "Hosepipe" too ... Hi  Hi ...

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Subject: Re: [Towertalk] 9913(Hosepipe), weatherproofing and connectors.

> I have used "standard" N connectors with 9913; I prefer the "B" instead of
> the "D" version as the rubber gasket is wider and spreads the pressure of
> the gasket.  As far as the center pin goes, one can file the center
> conductor to fit the "standard" pin though this is tricky and one **must**
> be sure no filing residue remains.  Modified, silver-plated pins (new
> gaskets too) have been readily available from various sources (RF
> Connection, maybe NEMAL, others).  Also, once, when I was out of both
> modified pins and time, *carefully* drilling standard pins out worked; I
> it with a drill press but a lathe is better as the brass base material of
> the pins loves to grab unmodified drills.  BTW, I have never used
> UHF connectors with 9913; I do not feel it would be possible to
> solder the braid without having the polyethylene self-destruct.
> 73,  Tom - WA2BPE

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