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[Towertalk] Quad question for mechnical enginners

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Subject: [Towertalk] Quad question for mechnical enginners
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Date: Wed, 5 Jun 2002 08:06:52 EDT
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> The question is :
>  If I use thrust bearing on the 2 inch aluminum conduit mast ( two coupled 
>  foot sections) - what should be the SAFE height of the mast above the top 
>  the tower?
>  I am guessing that the mast could act as a spring and the section inside 
>  tower should be as long as feasible. I just do not want to bend the section
>  above the bearing if it is made too long. 
>  My rotator is garden variety Ham rotator - no brake. I am not too concerned
>  if the rotator cannot handle the start/ stop . My main concern is not to
>  bend the mast above the bearing.
    Good thinking. Snohomish County is a 75 MPH windspeed zone (they're all 
listed at  <A HREF="";></A> 
under Tech Notes). 

    What's the square footage of your proposed antenna? With this info, I can 
make a more educated guess. 

    Is your proposed aluminum conduit suitable? Probably not. Conduit is not 
rated for strength; at the minimum you would need real aluminum (i.e. 
6061-T6) but even it might not be strong enough. 

Steve    K7LXC
Professional tower services for commercial and amateur

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