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[Towertalk] New antenneX on CD-ROM Selection VI

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Subject: [Towertalk] New antenneX on CD-ROM Selection VI
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Date: Thu, 6 Jun 2002 09:42:47 EDT

We are pleased to announce the release of the latest new antenneX on CD-ROM
Selection VI. This new CD includes nearly 700 articles from the archives
through June 2002. This series of CDs has proven to be one of our most
popular items in the BookShelf section of the Shopping Shack. It keeps
getting bigger and better! Get all of the past online articles published
through June 2002!

Even if you have a subscription to the online version of antenneX, you may
want to look at this bargain too. It saves you the hassle of saving and
organizing so many hundreds of articles and thousands of illustrations. The
CD is organized and indexed with tables of contents exactly the same as the
online version!

For those who have purchased one of the earlier antenneX on CD-ROM
Selections, there is a special upgrade discount available

For more info about this new CD, please goto:

Also, you may be surprised at the many other items that have been added to
the BookShelf. Be sure to take a look at the BookShelf Index at:

...or the main menu at:

Hope to see you soon and thanks for your time!

Best reGARDS,

Jack L. Stone, Publisher
antenneX Online Magazine

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