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[Towertalk] Re-coating towers: what paint?

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Subject: [Towertalk] Re-coating towers: what paint?
From: (Maury Peiperl)
Date: Thu, 06 Jun 2002 15:35:33 +0100
Hello Towertalkians

As a sideline to the blend-in painting question, I have perhaps a more 
basic query:  What paint to use in re-coating towers (Rohn 45 in this 
case)?  I have been told to use Rustoleum Cold Galvanizing spray 
(industrial part #2185, consumer part #7785).  This has potentially two 
disadvantages:  1) cost ($6+ per can -- $10+ for the "bright" version 
#2117; 1+ can/section) and more importantly 2) vapor inhalation risk - 
this stuff is dangerous to breathe.

I have therefore been looking for a brushable, canned variety.  The only 
thing I have found so far is Valspar Marine Primer #3084, Vinyl Zinc 
Chromate.  Has anyone used this?  Has anyone any other recommendations?

Thanks and 73
Maury W3EF / G0UHK

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