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Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2002 05:47:42 -0500
Hello Talkians;

There is NOTHING wrong with using nylon rope. I have
been using 3/8" nylon rope for 20 years in my tower and
antenna installing and dismantling work. I use it on every-
thing from Rohn 20G to Rohn 55G.I use what is called
"solid braid" nylon rope, not the twisted variety. When it
comes time to replace the rope, I am going to go with 1/2"
diameter rope, only because it's easier to work with.

As far as the rope stretching is concerned, I have learned
to use that to my benefit. For example, if I am hoisting up
a heavy item such as Rohn 45G or Rohn 55G, I have the
person on the ground stop hoisting when the load gets to
within a few inches of where the load needs to be. I then
add a small amount of manual effort and the load rises the
rest of the way to where it needs to be. Works just as
slick as can be.

For really heavy loads, such as a KLM 40M-4 (4-el.
40 meter yagi with a H.D. boom -- 185 pounds) I use
1/8" diameter galvanized aircraft cable.

73 de Brad, N9EN @ Radio Free Roscoe (IL)...

Home of (four) guyed Rohn towers:

Rohn 25G: 62' & 70'

Rohn 45G: 90' & 136'
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Subject: [Towertalk] rope

> Jimmy,
> You don't want poly rope.  It UV degrades, doesn't hold knots well,
> and is not overly strong.
> You don't want Nylon rope, either,  as it's too stretchy.
> Great for anchor lines for boats....lousy for pulling up tower
> sections.
> Double braided dacron works well.  Very strong, low stretch.
> While 3/8 is strong enough to hold rohn 45G with a safety factor,
> it's a bit small to work with.  I recommend using 1/2" minimum,
> and in fact had 5/8" here, for ease of handling.
> Haven't seen the rope from Home Depot, but will take a look at
> it tonight.
> Jim Jarvis, n2ea
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