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[Towertalk] winches to pull up tower

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Subject: [Towertalk] winches to pull up tower
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Date: Thu, 13 Jun 2002 10:48:55 EDT
Hello All!  I have a question , I have a 60 foot Universal aluminum tower 
with a log periodic and a dual band vertical along with a rotor so I have 
around 100 lbs. at the end of my tower .  Climbing this tower for repairs is 
out of the question.  I was thinking of using a winch to pull it up or to 
lower it for repairs or adjustments.  does anyone have experience with this 
type of system ?  I would like to know What type of winch to use what type of 
cable, what do you attach the winch to?  should I keep the top of the tower 
as light as possible ? how far up do I hook the cable to the tower?  Any info 
or insight would be greatly appreciated !  thanks   John KB2HUK

Also This tower project is not complete yet I only have the first 10 ' of 
tower in the concrete ...   room for changes.    thanks

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