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[Towertalk] Heil Proset Plus !

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Subject: [Towertalk] Heil Proset Plus !
From: (K6RB)
Date: Thu, 13 Jun 2002 17:43:21 -0700
I recently bought a ProSet Plus, too. I like the dual microphone element and
the spatial switching features but I do have two "gripes." When I monitor my
audio, the "s" sounds are distorted through the ProSet but not in actuality.
Using my old BM-10, though, there was no distortion. It may be the effect of
the way the phones seal out outside sounds combined with conduction through
the skull but whatever it is, it's annoying and I end up turning off the
monitor when I use it. I also find it anything but light weight. After 24
hours in a phone contest, I really feel it. The BM-10, although much less
rugged, was lighter weight and more comfortable. I intend to give it another
chance, and maybe I'll get used to the weight. I'm not sure what to do about
the monitoring situation, though.

Rob K6RB
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Subject: [Towertalk] Heil Proset Plus !

> Just one word to describe it:
> I had indeed read the review about the Heil Proset Plus
> in the DX Magazine and decided myself to get one,
> (I had one of those Heil Prosets years ago and had problems
> with it from time to time with a kind of strange feedback noise,
> like RF, in the microphone when using high power),
> well just got my Heil Proset Plus a couple of days ago
> and Iam very impressed with it.
> Its more robust, (no more RF feedback problems in any band) the modulation
> is very very good with both elements HC4/HC5 (remember you can switch
> between one and the other) and the switch that allows you to choose
> between the sound  'centered' in your head (better for SSB)
> and the sound spatially widened (definitelly much better for CW copy)
> makes of this toy a State of the Art machine.
> The only thing is that I had to "smugle" one from the US, they cost 2
> the price in Portugal (yes the double), Hi !
> 73
> Jose  CT1EEB
> Also: 4W6EB, VK8CS, CU3/CT1EEB, CO0OTA
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