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[Towertalk] Help locating freestanding tower

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Subject: [Towertalk] Help locating freestanding tower
From: (Arthur Moe)
Date: Sat, 15 Jun 2002 03:36:28 +0000
Look here,

Not mine..... I am only a viewer of the auction.


Troy Thoele wrote:
> Greetings -
> I am looking for a freestanding tower, unassembled, in the 70 to 140 ft
> range.  Where is a good place to look for something like this?
> Along these lines, I have a hardware question.  I have located another
> small tower that is on the way, but is missing the tower stubs and
> hardware.  It's a trylon tower, and the local bolt and screw company had no
> idea what a "js500" finish was.  The speculation was that it was just a
> galvanizing coating.
> They did have grade 5 stainless steel bolts in stock though, for about 30%
> more than galvanized (special order in that size).  Does anybody have any
> opinions on using SS bolts instead?
> Thanks,
> Troy
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