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Date: Sun, 16 Jun 2002 00:31:06 -0600
W6QHS / W6NL found severe interaction between his 
HyGain 5L monobanders on a single mast, regardless
of the configuration.  The most severe degradation occurred
on 10M if I remember correctly.  I think his best arrangement
placed the 15M antenna on top and the 10M antenna in the
middle.  The 10M antenna may have been rotated 90 degrees.

My recommendation would be to stack a 2L40 and the 5L20
at 110+ and 100 ft and to stack the 10 and 15M beams at
50 and 60 ft, preferably on a separate 50 ft tower, with perhaps
another 10M beam at 30 to 40 ft.

Considerable personal experience at my own station 
(20 antennas on 7 towers) and other contest stations 
tells me that 10 and 15M antennas play very POORLY 
at 80 to 100 ft during the daylight hours and
lower antennas typically are superior during those hours.

Tom  N4KG

On Mon, 20 May 2002  Chuck Sudds <> writes:
> I am thinking of stacking some monobanders on my 100ft Rohn 45G tower 
> but I
> need to know just how much mast to buy.  I currently have a HyGain 
> 205CA
> about 6" above the tower and want to add a HyGain 153BA (12ft boom) 
> above
> that.  At the top, I want to also add a HyGain 103BA  (8ft boom).  
> The
> rotor is mounted inside the tower and down approx 5ft. 
> Does the old addage of spacing them apart by  "half the boom length 
> of the
> shortest boom" still apply with a stack of three beams?  If not, can
> someone help?  Thanks, in advance.
> Chuck  KØTVD  Missouri Valley, Iowa
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