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[Towertalk] [OT] weatherproof tape for antennas?

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Subject: [Towertalk] [OT] weatherproof tape for antennas?
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Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2002 18:56:54 +0000
Use Scotch 33 or Scotch 88 electrical tape.  Don't use 
any other.  You can also use Sotch Linerless Rubber 
Splicing tape to make the covering you're thinking of.  
Wrap first with a couple layers of Scotch tape, then the 
splicing tape, then top it off with more tape.  I've had 
good luck with just three layers of Scotch 33.  You can 
find that anywhere, Home Depot, Ace, Grainger, or any 
electrical supply house.  Phil  KB9CRY
> Hi, this is a little off topic. I am trying to find weatherproof tape for 
> outdoor antennas. Anyone have a recommendation?
> I used common duct tape and over a very short time it fell apart leaving ugly 
> tails on my masts and wires. There must be something stronger and more 
> waterproof.
> Someone suggested type "88" but I was unable to find it at the local ACE 
> Hardware store. Where hould I look? in a speciality catalog? i
> Is there such a thing called "silicon tape" that matures into a single bond 
> over time?
> Thanks,
> de ken n9vv
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