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Subject: [Towertalk] WX0B Six-Pack
From: (Jim White)
Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2002 06:35:16 -0400
been there done that!  Same exact problem completely resolved and since unit
has worked flawlessly...had same conversation with Jay a year ago!

I solved the problem by doing the following...

I noted that the relays sometimes would not close - when I opened up the box
I found that just the tiniest bit of encouragement was needed to make the
relays engage...they were ever so close but didn't have quite enough

I had a small multivoltage supply which I pressed into service - I wired it
in series with my 12V supply and set it to its lowest output setting which
was 3 volts...

By running the six pak at 15 (versus 12) volts it works perfectly - I
suspect that I could possibly have avoided this by increasing the size of
the wiring I used to carry the 12V - there is some voltage drop there -
stepping up to a fatter wire may have done the trick - but adding my 5
dollar flea market power supply was a much easier fix.

Once you get it up and running I am sure you will wonder how you ever lived
without it...coupled with band decoders and "smart" transceivers we use the
six pak at our multi-op contest site enjoying "hands" free antenna

"Your mileage may vary"


Jim, K4OJ

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From: "Bob Henderson" <>
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Sent: Tuesday, June 18, 2002 2:17 AM
Subject: [Towertalk] WX0B Six-Pack

> I am wondering if any Six-Pack users out there are experiencing the same
> problem I am.
> I have found my Six Pack to be rather unreliable.  The problem is that the
> relays don't always operate in such a way that a reliable contact is made.
> The typical failure is that one or other of the relays fails to pull in
> properly.  I spoke to Jay at Array Solutions and he told me that the
> tensions on the relays needed to be adjusted to ensure that there is
> tension to cause the necessary wiping action on the N.O. contacts.  At the
> same time this tension has to be not so great that it overcomes the
> of the relay coil to cause the relay to close properly when power is
> applied.
> I have adjusted endlessly but I have not been able to find a reliable
> operating set-up through this adjustment.  It seems to me that when
> increasing spring tension I find the point that prevents relay closure
> before I find the reliable N.O. contact wiping tension.
> It seems to me, though Jay disagrees, that there is a design flaw in the
> Six-Pack.  I have used DX-Engineering and Top Ten Devices switch boxes at
> the top of towers in hostile environments for years and never had a
> This Six-Pack sits in the shack at the back of my operating desk and it is
> so unreliable!  At least it is close enough so I can give it a kick when a
> relay doesn't pull in properly.
> To me that the idea of a fine adjustment of relay spring tension to find a
> position where the relay reliably closes but at the same setting will open
> with the necessary force to properly wipe the N.O. contacts has no place
> be on an antenna switch.  Surely this is marginal design?
> On my previous antenna relays I have found that nominal 12V relays would
> operate with as little as 8V applied which meant that with 12V applied the
> really clunked in well.  With these units there was no delicate adjusting
> spring tension either....they wiped the N.O. contacts reliably from day 1.
> Does anyone share my experience or have I just got a one off unreliable
> Pack?
> 73
> Bob 5B4AGN, P3F, ZC4ZM
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